Travelmasters will get you there on time

Travelmasters provide:
  • A reliable service
  • Competitive prices
  • Friendly and courteous staff
  • Comfortable and stress-free journey
  • Available for special occasions
  • Long distance travel

Hassle-free private hire and executive travel in locations throughout Sussex

Travelmasters is an independent private hire company in based in Brighton that specialises in short and long-distance travel in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Burgess Hill, Worthing, Bognor, Crawley, Portsmouth, London and surrounding areas. Our drivers are highly punctual and our vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure you enjoy a comfortable drive.

Sussex's reliable and professional vehicle hire company

When you're in need of a car, minibus or executive transport anywhere in Sussex, you can be sure that our services are just a call away. Our chauffeur driven vehicles are valeted to suit your individual journey and you can enjoy this comfortable and luxurious ride at affordable prices.
Contact details for locations in Sussex
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Experience hassle-free travel with us

Our professional transport solutions are suitable for private hire, special occasions and business travel.
  • Well-established vehicle hire company with many years of experience in the industry
  • Affordable private and executive travel solutions
  • Specialising in seaport and airport transfers within Sussex and beyond
  • Credit card payments are accepted
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