These days, the airport transfer is as essential to the business traveller as their briefcase, their laptop, or their smart phone. Nobody wants to be arriving at a strange city (or their home city, for that matter), only to drag their luggage up and down the pavement while they hunt for the nearest taxi rank. An airport transfer service ensures a stress-free journey from Point A to Point B, whether that be your home or your hotel, and is a worthwhile investment for every business traveller.

As one of the top airport transfer and private taxi companies currently operating across Sussex, we understand the importance our clients place on their airport transfers, and have put together the following list of handy hints regarding what you should look for in a company before booking them for your transfer needs.

An efficient and luxurious mode of transport

You’ve been travelling for hours and have made your way through the rigamarole of baggage claim, customs, and the rest of the airport’s labyrinth. What you want is an immaculate valeted vehicle, comfortably upholstered throughout – a vehicle that is both stylish and powerful, that will get you to your destination in good time, while allowing you to relax on the journey. What you don’t want is a clapped-out old banger with too many miles on the clock. Check with your airport transfer company that their vehicles are up-to-date and well-maintained before you make a booking.

An airport transfer service that meets your requirements

Not every booking is alike. Sometimes you’re travelling alone, sometimes with work colleagues, sometimes with your family or even with your boss. Does your airport transfer company have a sufficiently diverse range of vehicles that they guarantee one that meets your specific needs? They should.

Local knowledge

Is your driver from the local area? It’s worth finding out. For all the benefits we can get from Satnavs and GPS systems, having a local driver who knows the best routes by heart, as well as where traffic is likely to flare up, can make all the difference to your journey time.

Round the clock service

Be sure to check that your airport transfer company is able to accommodate you whenever your flight is due. There’s no point hiring the company with the best fleet and the best drivers if they’re not prepared to operate outside of normal business hours.

Experienced and professional drivers

Your driver is the most important part of your airport transfer package. No matter how good the vehicle is, it’s the driver that makes the journey what it is. Ideally, you are looking for a company that employs chauffeurs with years of experience under their belt, people who are comfortable behind the wheel, and unlikely to be fazed by traffic conditions or inclement weather. You also want your driver to look the part, being smartly presented, polite and courteous throughout.

A name you can trust

A key part of doing your homework when booking an airport transfer is checking out the reputation of the company you’re considering. In today’s digital age you will find online reviews for practically any business, written and posted by genuine former customers.

Get in touch

For business travellers in and around the Sussex region, call Travelmasters today on 0800 197 3818. Our friendly team are here to arrange the perfect airport transfer package for you, complete with a unique and free, no-obligation quote.

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